3 Days Solar Entrepreneurship  and   Business Start-Ups  Program for Entrepreneurs  and  professionals

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Overview of the Course:

This training program is designed for Existing Entrepreneurs, Prospective Entrepreneurs, Working Professionals and Students looking at demystifying the business, finance, technology & regulatory landscape of solar energy. In this training program, major information is focused on

How to enter the business of Solar Energy?

  1. To provide excellent networking opportunities.
  2. To impart basic managerial knowledge and understanding
  3.  To provide post-training assistance
  4. To analyze the environmental issues related to the proposed project,
  5.  To provide post-training assistance
  6. To analyze the environmental issues related to the proposed project
  7. To help in selecting the right type of project and products
  8. To acquire necessary managerial skills required to run the project

Who Should  Participate?:

Start-ups, entrepreneurs, engineers, project managers , implementing agencies and EPC companies involved in development of solar power projects.

Course Content:

Day -1

New and Renewable Energy

Introduction to New and renewable energy, Non renewable source of energy, Types of renewable energy, Climate change, Green House Effect

Solar Energy

A Brief on Solar Energy, India in solar at a glance, World in Solar at a glance, Electric power scenario in India, Reasons to invest in solar in India
PV cell & technologies used
Solar Cell, Materials used in Solar cell, Characteristics of Solar cell, Factors affecting performance of solar Cell, Solar cell efficiency, STC & NOCT of PV Cell, Fill factor, Types of solar cell

Solar radiation

Types of Radiation, Irradiance, Irradiation and peak Sun hours, Altitude and Azimuth angle, Sun Path Diagram, Tilting of solar Module, Shadow analysis and Row Spacing

Day -2

Components of Solar Power System

Solar panels, Construction of solar Modules, PV Cell to PV Array, Types of solar panels available in market, Introduction to tools and equipments used in solar Industry

Components of Solar Power System

Types of solar power plant systems, Grid-connected Systems, Stand-alone systems, Central System Vs Distributed systems, Net Metering and Gross metering, Role of AJB, Charge controller, Bypass Diode & blocking Diode


Introduction to inverter, Function of inverter, Types of Inverter, Matching of Inverter based on PV array, inverters Protection, anti-islanding

On Grid Design

Series and Parallel combination of Modules, String and Array sizing, Basic rules for String formation

Off Grid Design

Off Grid System sizing Design, Interconnection of PV modules, Interconnection of Batteries,Type of batteries, Battery room, Safety taken during the the installation of off-grid systems.

Day – 3

System Protection & Safety equipments Sizing:

Equipments for system protection and safety, Maximum PV array voltage calculation, Over current protection, Overvoltage protection, Rating of over current protection devices, Rating of fuses and isolators protection devices

Solar PV Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance

Standards, Installation preparation, Signage, Commissioning, System Documentation, Commissioning checklist, General cleaning, Inspection and monitoring, common troubles in PV system

Solar Water Pumping System

Advantages of Solar Water Pumps, Market and Applications, Terminologies used, Types of motors and pumps, Pump Efficiency, Matching Array and Pumps, Installation guide Government agencies and their working
What is MNRE , SECI , IREDA , Nodal Agencies, Rating Agencies, Functions of Government Agencies, Different policies related to solar

Entrepreneurship session:

Business Opportunities of solar for off grid and on grid systems; Strategies, Tactics & Implementation, Exploring Customer Needs, Business development models for rural/ industrial/ domestic market, Project Costing and feasibility,  Return on investment(ROI) and Payback Calculations, MNRE registration, State policy

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