Seminars are held on Renewable energy’s topics related to engineering to fulfill demand of exact and explosive information regarding technologies. BeGenesis have already held a lot of seminars and have been appreciated for the connectivity it provides with the latest updates and research in solar technologies.Seminars are provided by our team of Expert professionals related to Solar Growth, and demand. Seminars include theoretical descriptions of topics supported by presentations. The seminars are not much different than workshops except the time period and the way.In workshops practical knowledge is imparted to students with theory. And seminars intend to provide theoretical knowledge and the topic’s briefing. Our feature filled Industrial seminars are for everyone with extensive instructions and adequate content related to topics.

Project guidance

BeGenesis have been conducting Industrial training program mainly for students and professionals , students require Project guidance support during their summer and winter breaks . we provide necessary support in terms of Industry linkages and technical support at the ideation stage of the project and then creation and execution of the project.

BeGenesis empowering mankind

BeGenesis is Brand of GreyBeez Pvt. ltd. it's core business Vision is to empower youth with updated technology, skills and develop Global competitiveness ,we are a start up organization in the area of global skills development and vocational training landscape. it's mission is to improve the skill level of Indian Youth, promote sustainable growth and develop entrepreneurs and Job creators .