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Overview of the Course:

Low performance and poor operational condition is one of the biggest issues of solar PV power projects
worldwide.  A Large number of PV systems are under performing due to poor site selection, system design
faults, frequent equipment failure, low solar irradiation access. Some of these issues are external and often not
in the hands of the system designer but most of them are because of poor design practices, Software
PVSYST is supposedly most advance software design.
BeGenesis India conducts short term face-to- face training on “Solar PV System design using PV SYST
software technology. This training on step-by- step design using most advance software and comparison of
manual system design process versus the software based designing this would be in accordance with
international best practices.

Who should attend?

Solar Industry professionals, PV engineers, system designers or anyone else involved with designing/
implementing grid connected PV systems.

Training Methodology:

The course will be delivered in lecture format using PowerPoint, sharing of case examples, design exercises,
energy yield estimation exercise, a complete design task and practical site assessment.

Training Materials:

A copy of BeGenesis PV Systems Design and Installation’ training manual and notes .
Copies of power point presentations, design tasks, BeGenesis design & energy yield simulation tool,
sample bill of materials, sample financial models etc.


BeGenesisdevelop and deliver solar PV training courses in accordance with international competency
standards and accreditation requirements.  On successful completion of the course students receive a
certificate of completion from BeGenesis skills Academy in collaboration with Sector Skill council Green Job (
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy)


Presently, there shall be 30 seats for each batch of training program.


The duration of the Solar PV System Design using software technology will be 5 Days consisting of 20
hours including 4 hours of solar entrepreneurship skill development know how.

Course Outline:




Time Required


Day 1:-10- 1 ( 3 hrs)
Registration & Software
Introduction and
understanding of the
1.Introduction to Grid Connected system
2.Introduction to OFF- Grid system
3.Introduction to PVSYST
4.Introduction to Helioscope
5.Introduction to AutoCad

2 hour

Mr. Pritthish Gupta
Mr. Pawan Bhati
Mr. Sachchidanand
Dr. sachin Tiwari

Day 2:- 10- 1 ( 3 hrs)

PVSYST Pre Design

1.Pre-sizing step of a project
2.Calculation of losses, cable sizing
3.First evaluation of the system component’s
4.System yield quick evaluation

3 hour

Mr. Pawan Bhati
Mr. Sachchidanand

Day 3:- 10- 1 ( 3 hrs)

Grid- Connected Project
Design using PVSYST

1.Full-Featured study and analysis of a project
2.Accurate system yield computing using detailed hourly simulation
3.Horizon shading and 3D tool for near shading effects
4. Detailed losses analysis

3 hour

Mr. Pawan Bhati
Mr. Sachchidanand

Day 4: 10- 1 ( 3 hrs)

Stand-Alone Project
Design using PVSYST

1.Battery storage and Sizing
2.Component sizing
3.Shading Effect, and 3D tool for near shading effects
4.Detailed losses analysis

3 hour

Mr. Pawan Bhati
Mr. Sachchidanand

Day 5: 10- 1 ( 3 hrs)

Water Pumping system
using PVSYST

1. Basics of water pumping
2. Concept behind Water Pumping with Different type of systems
3. Designing with PVSYST

3 hour

Mr. Pawan Bhati
Mr. Sachchidanand

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