BeGenesis workshops are conducted everywhere (in various colleges /schools and at the Academy) with an aim to provide quality vocational training to our students/professionals so that they are able to enjoy science and learn the art of innovation and engineering .
Our services are not limited to delivering lectures during workshops, we provide references, study material and proper guidance on these to each and every student who attends our workshop. The students who come in BeGenesis Skills workshops have personally experienced and gave us feedbacks that we delivered them what we commit for. This is the reason that BeGenesis is still unique and popular among students of Engineering and other fields.

Our workshops are conducted in various colleges on various different topics around the year all over Delhi NCR and UP. And students have attended the workshops even from other states and went with an ultimate experience of “Hands on Technology”.
Our workshops are brilliant, exciting and lively.
We do not hesitate in teaching students, we take extreme care of this thing that every student who attends our workshops can confidently speak in loud and explain what they have worked on
This is the impact of our teaching and explaining methods.
Extensive and well planned course structure from a Engineering industry point of view. Group Discussions. Mock Tests. Project Guidance and Report Development assistance. Complete references and documentation.

BeGenesis empowering mankind

BeGenesis is Brand of GreyBeez Pvt. ltd. it's core business Vision is to empower youth with updated technology, skills and develop Global competitiveness ,we are a start up organization in the area of global skills development and vocational training landscape. it's mission is to improve the skill level of Indian Youth, promote sustainable growth and develop entrepreneurs and Job creators .